Authorized Psych-K Facilitator

A Brief Bio

After a major life-changing experience around the age of 16, I found myself with the desire to help other people. I was naturally drawn to means and modalities which involved the mind, emotions or spirituality. This new-found desire led to my early career as an ordained Christian minister.

However, with many questions in my mind, I resigned from the Church in 1985, seeking to “find myself.” It was while on this quest that I “bumped into” hypnosis.

The first hypnotic induction I facilitated occurred around 1997. (I actually read the induction out of a book to my wife and a friend -  and it helped them!)  After another life-changing event in 2003 my self-study in hypnosis became much more serious. I was soon facilitating past-life regressions, age regressions and teaching people deeper levels of meditation through hypnosis. My success rate was very high, despite the fact that I was entirely self-taught, at that time. Seeing as I was not formally trained or certified in any manner, I would not accept any payment for services during those years.

Realizing that I had a natural affinity for hypnosis, and a growing demand for my services, I sought formal training from Dr. James A. Ward of the Cincinnati School of Hypnosis. I graduated his course in December 2006, and was then formally certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) in April 2007.

I formally began professional practice (on a part-time basis) in late September 2007. I am currently learning how to grow a practice, while at the same time working toward the re-certification of the school I attended (which I purchased in February of 2007.)

As life is a constant learning process, my training and education continues (I have said for many years that I day I don’t learn something is a day I have wasted). I am currently taking courses offered by Dr. Philip Holder of the Masters Center near Philadelphia, Pa. A person can never know too much. It is my desire that the things I have learned will be helpful to you, either to facilitate positive change in your life, or to teach you how to do what I do.